Onofrio Maccarone

 I am a 2d animator with a huge passion for caricature. My personal education related to the animation starts at the age of 14, I was one of the luckiest person to get in one of the two secondary school with animation address in Italy.
After my graduation with 10\10 on specific subject I decided it was my time and after many searches I realised that Florence was the right place to be, THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF COMICS was the right place...
after 3 wonderful years at the "COMICS" with final score of 29\30 (...I know I am still thinking about that missing point..) I took a flight straight to London and here I FINALLY got into the real business.
At the moment I am working as a 2d animator and storyboard artist for the CUMI http://www.cumi.co.uk/ , and at the same time I am a co-founder of a sign maker agency call "chalk solution" http://www.chalksolution.co.uk/ .
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